Reconstructing One View from Another

You can use the C_NewView node to reconstruct a view using the pixels from the other view. For example, you can choose to reconstruct the left view using the pixels from the right view. This can be useful if you want to manipulate one view and replicate the changes into the other view, such as adding comp assets.

Note:  C_NewView requires disparity vectors and an occlusion mask that relate the two views. If they don't already exist, you can use C_DisparityGenerator to calculate these vectors. See Generating Disparity Vectors for how to do this.

C_NewView uses an occlusion mask from C_DisparityGenerator to determine areas that cannot be rebuilt in stereo camera pairs as some of the pixels in one view are not visible in the other.

The left view including comp work.

The right view to rebuild.

The rebuilt right view.