Matching Color Between Cameras

C_StereoColourMatcher is specifically designed for stereo camera pairs to automate some of the color grading required. It uses one view to match the color in another view, typically left to right or right to left.

C_StereoColourMatcher has two different modes you can use to perform a color match: Basic mode and Local Matching mode:

Basic - takes the color distribution of one entire view and modifies it to match the distribution of the other view. It may be sufficient for some stereo sequences, but Local Matching gives you more control.

Local Matching - divides the two images into square blocks according to the Block Size control. Then, it matches the color distribution from the view that want to modify to a reconstructed version of the same view, which has been constructed using the pixels and occlusions from the source view.

See Basic Color Matching for more information.

Note:  Both C_StereoColourMatcher modes require disparity vectors and an occlusion mask that relate the two views. If they don't already exist, you can use C_DisparityGenerator to calculate these vectors. See Generating Disparity Vectors for how to do this.

The left source image.

The right source image.

The corrected right image.