Colorway Documentation


UI Overview

A quick introduction to the main components of the Colorway UI.

Working with Projects

Learn how to create projects, export your work, add items, work with variants and variations, and use dynamic items.

Deep Color Images & SVG

Deep Color Images (.dci) are assets generated by a 3D application that you can use in Colorway. Learn how to add and edit .dci files.

Exporting from Modo

Learn how to export a scene from Modo to Colorway, using the Colorway Kit.

Colorway Kit for C4D

The Colorway Kit for Cinema 4D allows you to tag objects in a scene and render them from C4D for use in Colorway. Learn how to prepare your C4D scene to work with Colorway.

Colorway Tutorials


Inserting an SVG from Adobe Illustrator

You can import vector art into Colorway. This tutorial shows you how to import an .svg file created in Adobe Illustrator, and drag colors, textures, and materials onto it.

Importing/Exporting Palettes

A short tutorial on importing and exporting Adobe Swatch Exchange palettes.

Transparent Objects

Learn how to prepare transparent parts of your objects in Modo and then color them in Colorway.

2D Projected and 3D Wrapped Textures

Learn how to use 2D projected and 3D wrapped textures, layer them over each other, and blend them.

Dynamic Tables

Tables can display information dynamically about the items on your sheet, such as parts of the item and the various swatches assigned to them. This video shows you how to create a dynamic table.