Release Notes for Flix 6.6.1

Release Date

5th July 2023

For a detailed guide on upgrading to Flix 6.6.1, refer to the Upgrading to Flix 6.6.1 section at the bottom of this page.

New Features

There are no new features in this maintenance release.

Feature Enhancements

There are no feature enhancements in this maintenance release.

Bug Fixes

Under the Hood

  • ID 543780 - Database backups created by Flix occasionally resulted in a syntax error when reinstating in some environments.
  • ID 544105 - Migrating very large databases from Flix 6.5 to Flix 6.6 occasionally timed out.


  • ID 544728 - Audio was not always included with publishes from Avid back to Flix.
  • Known Issues

    This section covers new known issues and gives workarounds for them, where appropriate.

    Under the Hood

    • ID 540089 - Navigating away from the panel browser too quickly occasionally displays a Cannot read properties of null error.
    • ID 538572 - Flix Client: Including whitespace characters before or after the Flix Server URL causes logging in to fail.
    • ID 527833 - Permissions: Reference video download is not disabled for View only users.
    • ID 527752 - Windows only: The Ctrl + zoom in keyboard shortcut does not work as expected.
      As a workaround, use Ctrl+Shift + to zoom in.
    • ID 527549 - Flix Client: Entering an invalid Flix Server URL and clicking Login displays an ambiguous error.
    • ID 527407 - Flix Client: User email details can't be removed once entered, only changed to another entry.
    • ID 527554 - The list of shows in the Flix Client can take up to a minute to display when the servers are under heavy load.
    • ID 524294 - Group Management: Attempting to remove the last Show from a Group or the last Group from a Show does not display an error.
    • ID 523852 - Group Management: The show more and less buttons do not change behavior when the window is resized.
    • ID 519504 - Group Management: Removing the last Show from a Group, last User from a Group, or last Group from a Show using the API does not work as expected.


    • ID 542246 - Intelligent Versioning: Panels with unsupported 3D warp parameters are versioned up when going from Storyboard Pro to Flix.
    • ID 540990 - Storyboard Pro: Panels with 3D camera moves are imported as stills when using Storyboard Pro 22.
    • ID 539900 - Photoshop: Replace Layer Comp occasionally removes the master file instead of versioning-up.
    • ID 538752 - Intelligent versioning: REF and blank panels occasionally version-up when no changes are made in Photoshop.
    • ID 537187 - Relinking: Importing a panel that uses a Photoshop template to Storyboard Pro and then roundtripping back to Flix always versions-up the panel.
    • ID 536488 - Photoshop: Flix plug-in installation fails with the latest version of Creative Cloud.
    • ID 527913 - Annotations: Using the erase tool and then selecting another panel removes annotations for all panels.
    • ID 527763 - Contact Sheets: Having six rows and all options ticked makes panels in contact sheets extremely small.
    • ID 527616 - Photoshop: Layer Comps open in the wrong order when using the Always Open Master Image and Open in Layer Comps options.
    • ID 527084 - Export: Selecting all items in the Export dialog clears the assigned Contact Sheet template and displays an error.
    • ID 526744 - Export: The notification banner in the Export dialog is styled inconsistently.
    • ID 523304 - Storyboard Pro: Partial import failures are reported at the end of the process rather than when they occur.
    • ID 517995 - Windows 11 only: Logging into Flix Client and then closing and reopening it causes imports from Storyboard Pro to fail.


    • ID 542229 - Importing: Manually importing a still image after it has been animated in a different sequence appears as an animated panel in a new sequence.
    • ID 541963 - Keyframes added in Avid Media Composer to a non-1920xnnnn image creates incorrect keyframes when exported to Storyboard Pro.

    System Requirements

    Flix Server

    Note:  Flix Server is built and tested exclusively on Intel processors. Running the Flix Server on AMD processors may lead to unexpected runtime errors.


    Item Requirements

    Operating System

    CentOS 7 64-bit


    At least 16 GB


    A 64-bit Intel processor @ 3.2 GHz, or higher

    8 cores, or more

    Flix Client

    Note:  Flix Client is currently not available on Linux. Other operating systems may work with Flix Client, but have not been fully tested.


    Article:  For more information on Foundry products and supported macOS versions, see Foundry Knowledge Base article Q100592.

    Item Requirements

    Operating System

    11.x (Big Sur)

    12.x (Monterey)

    13.x (Ventura)


    4 GB


    ARM-based Apple Silicon processor or Intel processor with 64-bit support

    2 GHz or faster processor with SSE 4.2, or later


    Item Requirements

    Operating System

    Windows 10 or Windows 11


    4 GB


    A 64-bit processor @ 2 GHz, or higher

    Third-Party Application Support

    Note:  Photoshop 2022 support requires some extra set up before you install the plug-in, see Flix for Story for more information.


    Supported Versions

    Adobe Photoshop

    CC 2021, 2022

    Adobe Premiere

    CC 2021, 2022

    Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

    Storyboard Pro 2020 (20.10.2, or later) and 2022

    Avid Media Composer

    2020, 2021

    Upgrading to Flix 6.6.1

    This update requires end users to upgrade Flix Client to version 6.6.1.

    If you're running a Mac with an ARM-based Apple Silicon M1 processor and you want to switch to using M1 natively, you must download and install the M1-specific Flix Client manually from:

    Note:  If you use the Flix Client auto-update feature in a version earlier than 6.5.0, the client will be updated to the latest Intel version using Rosetta emulation.


    • To use Photoshop with this release of the Flix Client, you must install the Photoshop plug-ins manually by following the steps described under Manually Installing the Photoshop Plug-in for End Users.
    • The new Transfer Utility port must be accessible on each server and all clients. The default port number is 9091, but the port can be changed by setting the client_transfer_port parameter in the config.yml file to a different port number. See Flix Server Options for more information.
    • If any server is running CentOS 6, it must be upgraded to CentOS 7.

    From Flix 6.3.7, or Later

    From a pre-6.3 version (e.g. 6.2.2)

    • DB upgrade ( -> v25) - see Upgrading Flix for more information.
    • Asset migration is recommended, but not required.

      Note:  Although not required for 6.3, we recommend performing the asset migration eventually, as future minor (e.g. 6.5) and major (e.g. 7.0) releases may not support assets stored outside of show subdirectories.

    • PS Plugin update - see Manually Installing the Photoshop Plug-in for End Users for more information.
    • Server configuration - see Upgrading Flix for more information.