Change List

This section lists a set of high-level changes made to the Katana USD Plug-ins compared to the version shipped with the Pixar USD codebase on GitHub.

  1. Node Type Names
    1. Removed the Pxr prefix from the node type names to make them match Katana naming conventions, eg. UsdIn instead of PxrUsdIn. See Table of Name Changes.
  2. Op Type Names
    1. In addition to changing the node type names, we also changed the name of the Op types to ensure we don’t clash with externally-built Katana USD Plug-ins.
  3. Attributes
    1. A list of changes to attributes can be found in the Attribute Changes page.
  4. CMake
    1. Added a Support.cmake file to support the Pixar macro usage in build scripts.
    2. Created a root CMakeLists.txt in order to replace the USD core CMakeLists.txt.
    3. Ensured the CMake builds work on Windows and Linux with Katana’s fnUsd libraries.
    4. Using CMake configurations over absolute library paths for portability.
  5. General Code
    1. Added Bootstrap to both vmp and usdKatana libraries to set up Katana plug-ins.
    2. Changed use of std::regex to boost::regex due to issues with GCC 4.8.x and C++11 std::regex.
    3. Patched issues with builds on Visual Studio 15.
    4. Modified vtKatana library to export long data type.
    5. Removed deprecated code support for RenderMan coshaders.
    6. Removed deprecated code for the USD VMP.
    7. Removed header files which were no longer used in KatanaPluginApi.
    8. Added support for flushing of caches to UsdIn Op type (was previously taken care of by removed USD VMP - see f)).
  6. Updated Apache 2.0 licenses and added NOTICE.txt.

  7. Updated and added

  8. Default Options
    1. Updated the default option for USD_ABC_WRITE_UV_AS_ST_TEXCOORD2FARRAY to be “true” from “false”, to ensure the USD Alembic plug-in imports uv attributes into the st arbitrary attribute location; matching the behavior of Alembic_In nodes.
  9. Our plug-in uses fnpxr python modules.

Table of Name Changes

Node Types
Original Node Type Name New Node Type Name
PxrUsdIn UsdIn
PxrUsdInActivationSet UsdInActivationSet
PxrUsdInAttributeSet UsdInAttributeSet
PxrUsdInDefaultMotionSamples UsdInDefaultMotionSamples
PxrUsdInIsolate UsdInIsolate
PxrUsdInMotionOverrides UsdInMotionOverrides
PxrUsdInVariantSelect UsdInVariantSelect
Op Types
Original Op Type Name New Op Type Name
PxrUsdIn UsdIn
Original Name New Name Details
PxrUsdInUtilExtraHintsDap UsdInUtilExtraHintsDap UI tool
pxrUsdIn_argsCookTmpKey UsdIn_argsCookTmpKey Cook temp key
PxrUsdInPrman_LocationDecorator UsdInPrman_LocationDecorator Locator