Sortable Tree Widgets

Sortable tree widgets are tree widgets that provide additional functionality on top of what the underlying QtWidgets.QTreeWidget class provides, notably for dragging, dropping, and sorting of tree widget items.

The classes listed here are all derived from QT4Widgets.SortableTreeWidget.


class UI4.Widgets.AttributeHistoryTreeWidget

Bases: QT4Widgets-v0.SortableTreeWidget.SortableTreeWidget

Class implementing a tree widget that wraps AttributeHistory commands, and displays attribute history results.

Code example:

attributeHistoryTreeWidget = UI4.Widgets.AttributeHistoryTreeWidget()
attributeHistoryTreeWidget.initializeHistory('/root/world/cam/camera', 'geometry.fov',
attributeHistoryTreeWidget.resize(400, 100)

Example Screenshot:

Screenshot of an AttributeHistoryTreeWidget widget

AttributeValueColumnTitle = 'Attribute Value'
classmethod GetAttributeDataToDisplay(attribute)
Return type:str
Parameters:attribute (FnAttribute.DataAttribute) – The attribute whose data you wish to display.
Returns:A string representing the data in the given attribute. If more than MaxNumValuesToDisplay values are present, then only this number of values are returned, followed by ‘...’.
classmethod GetDisplayTextAndIconType(historyEntry)

Converts a history entry as returned by the AttributeHistory module into text to display, and a corresponding icon.

Return type:tuple of (str, int)
Parameters:historyEntry (str) – The history entry for which to return display text and an icon type.
Returns:A tuple containing the text to display for the given history entry, and the icon type to use for the given history item.
classmethod GetPixmap(iconType)
Return type:QtGui.QPixmap
Parameters:iconType (int) – The type of icon - a key into __IconFiles.
Returns:The pixmap corresponding to the given icon type.
GrayIcon = 0
GreenIcon = 1
HistoryEntryColumnTitle = 'History Entry'
MaxNumValuesToDisplay = 16
MaxStringCharsToDisplay = 256
NothingFoundDummyItemText = 'No Results Found'
ProcessingDummyItemText = 'Processing...'
TimerDelay = 100

Initializes an instance of the class.

Parameters:parent (QtWidgets.QWidget or None) – The parent widget to own the new instance. Passed verbatim to the base class initializer.
getAttributeCreationNode(completeCallback=None, updateCallback=None)
getAttributeInheritance(completeCallback=None, updateCallback=None)
getAttributeSetNode(completeCallback=None, updateCallback=None)
getNodeHistory(completeCallback=None, updateCallback=None)
initializeHistory(locationPath, attributeName, startNode=None, startOp=None, startPort=None, startGraphState=None, delegateNodes=True)