Built-in Widget TypesΒΆ

A number of widget types are defined in the UI4.Widgets Python package, and are are used in various places in Katana’s user interface.


The functions, classes, and modules within the UI4 Python package are continuously being improved. As such, they may be less stable to use in custom code, compared to other APIs.

Widget Type Categories

Widget Type Gallery

Class Example Screenshot
AssetIDLabel Screenshot of an AssetIDLabel widget
AttributeDropLabel Screenshot of an AttributeDropLabel widget
AttributeEditorIndicatorLabel Screenshot of an AttributeEditorIndicatorLabel widget
AttributeHistoryTreeWidget Screenshot of an AttributeHistoryTreeWidget widget
AutoKeyAllToggle Screenshot of an AutoKeyAllToggle widget
CameraPickerButton Screenshot of a CameraPickerButton widget
CatalogChannelsWidget Screenshot of a CatalogChannelsWidget widget
CatalogFrameRangeWidget Screenshot of a CatalogFrameRangeWidget widget
CatalogHistogramWidget Screenshot of a CatalogHistogramWidget widget
CatalogItemWidget Screenshot of a CatalogItemWidget widget
CatalogLockWidget Screenshot of a CatalogLockWidget widget
CatalogNameWidget Screenshot of a CatalogNameWidget widget
CatalogProgressWidget Screenshot of a CatalogProgressWidget widget
CatalogRenderLogWidget Screenshot of a CatalogRenderLogWidget widget
CatalogRenderGlobalsStatsWidget Screenshot of a CatalogRenderGlobalsStatsWidget widget
CatalogRenderTaskByNameStatsWidget Screenshot of a CatalogRenderTaskByNameStatsWidget widget
CatalogRenderTaskByTypeStatsWidget Screenshot of a CatalogRenderTaskByTypeStatsWidget widget
CatalogResolutionWidget CatalogResolutionWidget
CatalogStopWidget CatalogStopWidget
CatalogThumbnailWidget CatalogThumbnailWidget
IconLabelFrame Screenshot of an IconLabelFrame widget
IndicatorLabelFrame Screenshot of an IndicatorLabelFrame widget
LabeledToolbarButton Screenshot of a LabeledToolbarButton widget
ProgressWidget Screenshot of a ProgressWidget widget
ProxyResCombo Screenshot of a ProxyResCombo widget
RoiCombo Screenshot of a RoiCombo widget
ToolbarButton Screenshot of a ToolbarButton widget
ViewIndicatorLabel Screenshot of a ViewIndicatorLabel widget