What is Katana?

Katana is a 3D application specifically designed for the needs of look development and lighting.

User Interface

First contact with the Katana UI.

Creating a Project

All the essentials to get you started with your first project.

Editing the Node Graph

The node graph describes the flow of operations within Katana.

Using the Scene Graph

The scene graph contains all the elements of your scene, expressed hierarchically.

Building Your Scene

How to start a project in Katana and construct a scene.

Viewing Your Scene

Using the viewer to preview your scene.

Lighting Your Scene

All you need to know about adding and customizing lights.

Look Development

Using look files to store changes in state within the scene graph. Also using UVs and materials.

Rendering Your Scene

How to use renderers in Katana.

Advanced Workflows & Extensions

Includes using the timeline, groups, asset management, technical information and much more.


Start using Katana with our quick tutorials.