This node is used to remove objects from a scene. It allows you to select a set of locations to keep and it removes everything else. For example, you could isolate a character or two out of all the geometry in your scene.

The Isolate node cannot take a collection. You can however:

1.   Right-click on the collection name in the Scene Graph tab and select Find and Select....
2.   From the Parameters tab of the Isolate node, select isolateLocations > Add Locations > Replace with Scene Graph Selection.

Connection Type

Connection Name




The place in the node graph where you want to remove specific object(s) from the scene.


Control (UI)

Default Value




This is a list of locations to keep while every other location is removed by the Isolate.

For more information, refer to the Locations Widget Type in Common Parameter Widgets.



This is the topmost location to remove from the scene. For example, if you set this to /root/world/geo, then nothing in /root/world/lgt or /root/materials is modified. This parameter allows you to scope the changes. To isolate a single shape from an entire character, set isolateFrom to the character path (for example, /root/world/geo/somecharacter), then set isolateLocations to the shape you'd like to keep.

For more information, refer to the Scene Graph Location Widget Type in Common Parameter Widgets.

Enable secondary (inverse) output


When enabled, the secondary output provides a scene containing the scene graph locations that have been removed from the primary output. For example, in a scene containing the following locations:





If /root/world/geo/box is isolated using isolateFrom /root/world/geo, the secondary output contains /root/world/geo/circle.

Note:  Any scene graph location that is a peer or ancestor of the isolationRoot is present on both outputs.