ReverseNormals reverses any point and vertex normals on locations matching its CEL parameter. Point normals are represented by a geometry.point.N attribute, and vertex normals are represented by a geometry.vertex.N attribute. If neither of these attributes are present, the node has no effect. If they are both present, they are both reversed. Any other normal attributes, such as surface normals, are not recognized or modified by the node.

Connection Type

Connection Name




The place in the node graph where the point and vertex normals on specified locations are reversed.


Control (UI)

Default Value




Sets the normals location to be reversed.

The scene graph locations are specified using the Collection Expression Language (CEL). The celSelection parameter options are available by clicking Add Statements.

For more information, refer to the CEL Reference document found on the documentation HTML page (accessed through Help > Documentation) or the CEL Statement Widget Type in Common Parameter Widgets.