The VisibilityAssign node changes the visibility setting of objects in the scene. The attribute is inherited, thus large sections of the scene graph can be made visible/invisible by assigning to common parents

A child can be explicitly set to visible even if its parent is not visible. For example, to render just one of several siblings, set the parent's visibility to 0, and set the item to render's visibility to 1. All siblings that are not explicitly marked picks up the parent's visibility setting of 0, but the item to render uses its explicitly set value of 1.

The Scene Graph tab displays visibility of each scene graph item as icons.

Connection Type

Connection Name




The object whose visibility setting you want to change.


Control (UI)

Default Value




Specifies what part of the scene graph to assign this attribute to.

The scene graph locations are specified using the Collection Expression Language (CEL). The CEL parameter options are available by clicking Add Statements.

For more information, refer to the CEL Reference document found on the documentation HTML page (accessed through Help > Documentation) or the CEL Statement Widget Type in Common Parameter Widgets.



Sets the visibility of objects in the render. 0 specifies not visible in render and anything else specifies visible in render.