Mari Documentation


Mari Interface

Discover the Mari workspace. Also, have a look at the main changes that occurred between Mari 3 and Mari 4.

Painting in Mari

All you need to know to paint in Mari, from the Paint tools and the different ways of painting, to baking paint on the model.

Mirror Projection

You can now mirror the contents of the paint buffer based on a world space location. Mirror Projection allows symmetrical and asymmetrical painting. You can also use masking options to paint on only one side of the mirror plane.

View Transform Toolbar

The Colorspace toolbar has been refreshed and renamed to the View Transform toolbar in 4.1. Labels have been replaced with tooltips, controls have been combined, and there is now a visual indicator of the data type being viewed.

Texture Sets Palette

Check out the Texture Sets palette introduced in Mari 4.0. The Texture Sets palette manages texture sets or images that you can use for painting.

Mari Tutorials


Mari Interface

Get a tour of the Mari Interface before you start painting 3D assets. Learn how you can customize the layout and get familiar with the different toolbars and palettes.

Texturing VFX assets in Mari.

This video course walks you through the process of texturing a VFX asset, starting with nothing and ending with a fully textured asset, and using the integrated Modo renderer to perform Lookdev on your textures.

Painting Basics

Discover the basics for adding and removing paint in Mari.

Brush Tips Keyboard Shortcuts

Mari contains a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts, some are configured by default, and some are customizable. Check out how to edit the brush tips using keyboard shortcuts.