Constraints, at their most basic, are controllers that control how one item relates to another. Constraints can serve many purposes and, when you use them in combination with other constraints, you can create very complex controllers and motions. Modo's constraints are weighted. A weight value determines the influence a constraint has over the item it's controlling.

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Transform Constraints

Cube Icon Position

Sphere Icon Rotation

Sphere Icon Scale

Sphere Icon Direction

Sphere Icon Distance

Geometry Constraint

Sphere Icon Vertex Position

Sphere Icon Vertex Normal

Cone Icon Edge Position

Cone Icon Edge Normal

Cone Icon Polygon Position

Cone Icon Polygon Normal

Particle Constraint

Particle Constraint: Position

Particle Constraint: Rotation

Path Constraint

Cylinder Icon Path

Cylinder Icon Path Position

Cylinder Icon Path Normal


Cylinder Icon Line 2 Items

Cylinder Icon Linear Curve

Cylinder Icon Plane

Cylinder Icon Surface

UV Constraint

UV Constraint

Camera Constraints

Sphere Icon Camera Match

Sphere Icon Camera Constraints


Assign Up Vector

Assign Axis Up Vector