Assign Textures to Objects

Working with materials and shaders is mostly consistent with the classic 3D system. If you want to attach a texture such as checkerboard to a piece of geometry then there are two main workflows. The first being with a Nuke geometry node like GeoCard, where you take the hidden image input on the right and connect this to any texture you want.

The second workflow is for geometry that you may have imported or referenced using the GeoImport or GeoReference node. As these nodes don’t have an image input you can use the new GeoBindMaterial node, which is the new 3D system alternative to ApplyMaterial. With this node I can import this model and connect any texture I want. You can also utilise the Material knob on the node to bind this to the path of a material in your stage if you prefer.

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Creation and Texture Nodes


Controls the material appearance your objects are emulating.


Binds a material to objects specified in the node Properties.


Applies a material with constant color to a prim.


Creates a card object in the scene.


Import USD or Alembic objects from external files into Nuke.


Represents the preview shader from the USD standard.