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What's New in Flix 6.0

New Features

User Preferences

Flix 6.0.0 introduces User Preferences for the first time, allowing you to configure Flix exactly the way you like without affecting others in the production. You can now set up Flix very easily in the Preferences dialog.

User Management Tools

New User Management control allows you to easily add, edit, and remove users, and assign them to projects, either standalone in Flix, or integrated with your existing OAUTH or AD/LDAP authentication. See Managing Users.

Multiple Windows

You can now open several windows of Flix allowing you to access other sequences of your show to bring in panels in your current edit.

Improved Dialogue Management

Flix’s dialogue management has been improved with the introduction of dialogue revisions, text styling (bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough) and subtitles visible in the Player. You now always have access to previous versions of the dialogue avoiding accidentally overwriting old dialogues from previous sequence revisions. In addition, the Dialogue Workspace is more intuitive, it’s now much easier to enter dialogue based on handwritten notes, and styling and subtitles add more weight to the dialogue, giving artists a better visual cue while pitching their sequence.

Feature Enhancements

Overhauled UI

The Flix interface has been rewritten from the ground up, replacing Flash with modern web technologies, which make Flix faster and more intuitive. It’s now a native desktop app, allowing for better access to OS features such as notifications, the file system, and even allows users to have multiple windows open concurrently to easily re-use assets across sequences.

Core Re-Architecture and New API

In tandem with overhauling the front end, Flix’s backend has been completely re-architected. Flix is now split into two apps: Flix Server and Flix Client, making it easier to deploy for studios and individual artists. A new database has been introduced to replace the previous file-based system, as well as a RESTful API, which offers easier customization. In short, Flix is more reliable and stable overall.

Photoshop Integration and Master Image Workflow

A new preference as well as 2 Photoshop actions have been added to improve your workflow with master images. See Preferences and Flix for Story.

Improved Library Searching

You can now easily find any panel that was ever sent to Flix using the new library by filtering your search by sequence, artist, and date range. Thanks to Flix 6.0.0’s core re-architecture, it’s easier and faster for Flix to store and retrieve data, meaning you’ll never have to re-do work that was already done, or waste time finding an old panel.

Revamped Exports

A new Export mechanism makes your handoffs to production easier and more efficient. Just select which panels to export and perform multiple exports at the same time, with pre-set naming conventions that can be customized for your production’s needs. This revamped Export system, along with the frontend rewrite, allows you to select whether the export should apply to selected panels or the whole edit (sequence revision), to run multiple exports in one go.