Flix Documentation


Getting Started

Flix is a story development hub for animated film and TV, gaming, and more. Discover Flix's main concepts and structure, how to start using it, and load an existing sequence.

Flix for Production

Find out how to set up your shows and create, edit, and organize your sequence revisions.

Flix for Story

Learn how to import panels into Flix and make changes to your edits. Any extensive image manipulation is done through Photoshop using the Photoshop actions.

Flix for Editorial

Have a look at how to publish an edit to Editorial and how to publish back into Flix from Editorial.

Flix's Preferences

A comprehensive guide to the new Preferences dialog. These preferences allow you to configure Flix exactly the way you like without affecting others in the production.

Looking for Flix 5.4 Help

If you are using Flix 5.4, go to the Flix 5.4 Online Help.