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Getting Started

Launching Flix

Once Flix Server is installed, all you need to do is launch Flix Client, the desktop application.

1.   Set up a server whether it is at your studio or in the Cloud. See Installing and Licensing Flix Server.
2.   Download and unzip the .zip file provided by Foundry.
3.   In the unzipped folder, double-click or open the following executable file:

Windows: Flix.exe


This opens the login page.

4.   In the Server Hostname field, enter the server address.

The server address format is http://[server_hostname_or_IP]:[port]

5.   Log in using one of the following authentication methods:

Flix User Management - Enter your Username and Password then click Login.

LDAP - Enter your Username, and Password then click Login.

Oauth - Click Sign in with Google.

Tip:  Check the Remember me box to make your next login easier.

Flix opens at the Show level.

6.   Navigate to File > Preferences. Set your preferences and click the X button to close the Preferences dialog.

Navigating Through Existing Projects

Flix opens with a set of shows you are assigned to. Clicking on a show takes you to a set of sequences that contain revisions. Each revision contains a set of panels assembled in a timeline in the Sequence Editor.

You can navigate through your projects using the breadcrumb. After you log in, if a project already exists, you first land at the Shows level. Selecting a show takes you to the Sequences level. If you are working on an episodic show, you land on the Episodes level where you select the episode to edit, which then takes you to the Sequences level. After selecting the sequence to edit, you then land at the Revisions level and open the revision you want to edit in the Story workspace (default workspace) or create a clean version. You can also access the Editorial Interface from the Revisions level.

This breadcrumb contains a show.

This breadcrumb contains an episodic show.

Loading an Existing Sequence

After you log in, Flix opens at the Shows level where you can access all shows you are assigned to. Once you open a show you can access the sequences of that show.

1.   At the Shows level, click on the required show.
2.   At the Sequences level, select the required sequence.
3.   To load the most recent revision of the sequence, at the Revisions level, click the topmost one. To load any other revision of the sequence, click any other.

Note:  To create a new sequence revision from scratch, at the Revisions level, click Clean Version.