Optimizing Performance

Katana node graphs, their Op trees, and the scenes they subsequently create are incredibly flexible and varied. To optimally evaluate these scenes, an evaluation engine must be both efficient and flexible enough to handle the variety and complexity of scenes possible in Katana.

Geolib3-MT, the next generation of Katana scene graph processing engine, provides a greater degree of configuration, introspection, and tuning options than previous versions of Geolib3 to meet the demands of increasingly complex and varied workloads.

This section explores these options and how they can be utilized to improve scene traversal performance.

Geolib3-MT Configuration

Learn how to configure Geolib3-MT in Katana.

Geolib3-MT Profiling

Introducing the new render type, Preview Render with Profiling, and how it can be used to optimize your workflow in Katana.

Op Cook Profiling

A guide to the Op Cook Profiling mode in Katana, how to use it, as well as generating and analyzing reports.

Profiling and Optimization

This guide takes you through practical ways to improve performance in Katana, reduce render times and optimize your scene.

Note:   For more information on profiling and optimization, you can refer to the Developer Guide.