Cook Interface Utilities (C++)

group FnGeolibCookInterfaceUtilsService
class FnGeolibCookInterfaceUtils
#include <FnGeolibCookInterfaceUtilsService.h>

Provides a number of utility functions commonly used by Ops.

Public Static Functions

static void matchesCEL(MatchesCELInfo &matchesCELInfo, const Foundry::Katana::GeolibCookInterface &interface, const FnAttribute::StringAttribute &cel, const std::string &inputLocationPath = std::string(), int inputIndex = kFnKatGeolibDefaultInput)

Evaluates the CEL expression against the input location path and updates matchesCELInfo based on the results.

  • matchesCELInfo -

    a instance of MatchesCELInfo

  • interface -

    the GeolibCookInterface passed to your cook()() function.

  • cel -

    a StringAttribute instance containing the CEL expression to be evaluated

  • inputLocationPath -

    the input location path the CEL expression will be evaluated against.

  • inputIndex -

    the input index on the incoming scene to be queried (if for example attributes are reference in the CEL expression)

static FnAttribute::GroupAttribute cookDaps(const Foundry::Katana::GeolibCookInterface &interface, const std::string &attrRoot, const std::string &inputLocationPath = std::string(), int inputIndex = kFnKatGeolibDefaultInput, const FnAttribute::Attribute &cookOrderAttr = FnAttribute::Attribute ())

Invoke the Default Attribute Producers (DAPs) and return the result.

an FnAttribute::GroupAttribute instance containing the result of evaluating the DAPs.
  • interface -

    the GeolibCookInterface passed to your cook()() function.

  • attrRoot -

    the attribute from which DAPs will be invoked from, e.g. materials, will only invoke the DAPs for attributes beneath materials.

  • inputLocationPath -

    the input location path

  • inputIndex -

    the input index to query the incoming scene

  • cookOrderAttr -

    an optional FnAttribute::StringAttribute describing the order in which DAPs should be evaluated.

static BuildLocalsAndGlobalsInfo buildLocalsAndGlobals(const Foundry::Katana::GeolibCookInterface &interface, const std::string &attrRoot)
static FnAttribute::Attribute getDefaultDapCookOrder()
static FnAttribute::GroupAttribute resolveFileNamesWithinGroup(const Foundry::Katana::GeolibCookInterface &interface, const FnAttribute::GroupAttribute &inputGroup, const FnAttribute::StringAttribute &celAttr, int frameNumber)
static FnAttribute::StringAttribute resolveFileNameInString(const Foundry::Katana::GeolibCookInterface &interface, const FnAttribute::StringAttribute &inputString, int frameNumber)
static FnAttribute::Attribute getGlobalAttrGeneric(BaseGlobalAttributeProvider &provider, FnPlatform::StringView name, FnPlatform::StringView locationPath, bool *didAbortPtr = NULL)
static FNKAT_DEPRECATED FnAttribute::Attribute Foundry::Katana::FnGeolibCookInterfaceUtils::getGlobalAttrGeneric(BaseGlobalAttributeProviderLegacy & provider, const std::string & name, const std::string & locationPath, bool * didAbortPtr = NULL)
struct BuildLocalsAndGlobalsInfo

Public Members

FnAttribute::GroupAttribute locals
FnAttribute::GroupAttribute globals
struct MatchesCELInfo

Public Members

bool matches
bool canMatchChildren
class BaseGlobalAttributeProvider
#include <FnGeolibCookInterfaceUtilsService.h>

Base abstract class representing a generic interface to query global attributes starting from a specified scene graph location.

A global attribute provider walks towards the root location, its getAttr() implementation returning the attribute corresponding to attrPath on each invocation.

Public Functions

virtual ~BaseGlobalAttributeProvider()
virtual FnGeolibGlobalAttributeProviderStatus getAttr(FnPlatform::StringView attrPath, FnAttribute::Attribute *attributeOut) = 0
class BaseGlobalAttributeProviderLegacy

Public Functions

virtual ~BaseGlobalAttributeProviderLegacy()
virtual FNKAT_DEPRECATED FnGeolibGlobalAttributeProviderStatus Foundry::Katana::BaseGlobalAttributeProviderLegacy::provideAttribute(const std::string & attrPath, const std::string & leafLocationPath, int32_t relativeDepth, FnAttribute::Attribute * attributeOut) = 0