Op Args Builders (C++)

group FnBuiltInOpArgsUtil
class StaticSceneCreateOpArgsBuilder
#include <FnBuiltInOpArgsUtil.h>

Builder class to simplify building the Op args required by the StaticSceneCreate Op.

Public Functions

StaticSceneCreateOpArgsBuilder(bool pathsAreAbsolute)
FnAttribute::GroupAttribute build()
void createEmptyLocation(const std::string &locationPath, const std::string &locationType = "")
void setAttrAtLocation(const std::string &locationPath, const std::string &attrName, FnAttribute::Attribute attr)
void setAttrsAtLeafStateForLocation(const std::string &locationPath, bool state)
void addSubOpAtLocation(const std::string &locationPath, const std::string &opType, FnAttribute::GroupAttribute opArgs)
void skipLocalActionsIfInputExistsAtLocation(const std::string &locationPath, bool state)
class AttributeSetOpArgsBuilder
#include <FnBuiltInOpArgsUtil.h>

Builder class to simplify building the Op args required by the AttributeSet Op.

Public Functions

FnAttribute::GroupAttribute build()
void setLocationPaths(const FnAttribute::StringAttribute &locationPathsAttr, const std::string &batch = "")
void setLocationPaths(const std::vector<std::string> &locationPaths, const std::string &batch = "")
void setCEL(const FnAttribute::StringAttribute &celAttr, const std::string &batch = "")
void setCEL(const std::vector<std::string> &cel, const std::string &batch = "")
void setAttr(const std::string &attrName, const FnAttribute::Attribute &attr, const std::string &batch = "", const bool inherit = true)
void deleteAttr(const std::string &attrName, const std::string &batch = "")
void addSubOp(const std::string &opType, const FnAttribute::GroupAttribute &opArgs, const std::string &batch = "")