Resolutions (Python)

ResolutionTable(file) Build a table of ResolutionEntry objects based on a show resolution file.

ResolutionTable.Flush() None

Clears all resolution table data from the cache.

ResolutionTable.GetResolutionTable(filename: str = '') SPI_FN::ResolutionTable::v4::ResolutionTable

Returns a resolution table with the resolutions defined in the file with the given name. If no filename is given, a resolution table containing all resolutions from previously loaded resolution definition files is returned.

class ResolutionTable.ResolutionTable

Bases: pybind11_object

__init__(filename: str = '') None
addEntries(arg0: List[PyResolutionTableFn.ResolutionTableEntry]) int

Add the given entries to the resolution table. Return the totalnumber of all entries

clear() None

Remove all entries from the resolution table.

createResolution(width: int = 0, height: int = 0, name: str = '', groupName: str = '', pixelAspect: float = 1.0) PyResolutionTableFn.ResolutionTableEntry

Creates a new resolution with the given width, height and name.

extractValidResolutionName(arg0: str) str

Return the first resolution name in text.

findResolution(width: int = -1, height: int = -1, aspect: float = -1.0) PyResolutionTableFn.ResolutionTableEntry

Find the entry for a given resolution name, or error.

findResolutionByName(arg0: str) PyResolutionTableFn.ResolutionTableEntry

Search for a resolution with the given name and return a copy of the first resolution that matches or None if not found.

getEntries() List[PyResolutionTableFn.ResolutionTableEntry]

Return list of all entires.

getEntriesForGroup(group: str) List[PyResolutionTableFn.ResolutionTableEntry]

Return list of entries found in the resolution group.

getFilename() str

Get the filename this table was loaded from.

getGroups() List[str]

Get list of groups.

getResolution(name: str) PyResolutionTableFn.ResolutionTableEntry

Get the entry for a given resolution name.

hasResolution(name: str) bool

Test if the table can make an entry for the name.

makeResolution(width: int = -1, height: int = -1, aspect: float = -1.0, name: str = '', fullName: str = 'Miscellaneous', proxyName: str = '', groupName: str = 'misc') PyResolutionTableFn.ResolutionTableEntry

Deprecated. Use createResolution and findResolutionByName.

class ResolutionTable.ResolutionTableEntry

Bases: pybind11_object

aspectRatio() float
fullname() str
groupname() str
name() str
proxyname() str
xres() int
yres() int
exception ResolutionTable.ResolutionTableException

Bases: Exception