Option ID Generator

group FnOptionIdGenerator
class OptionIdGenerator

Public Types

typedef uint64_t value_type

Public Static Functions

static value_type GenerateId(const char *text)

Generates an option ID from a string.

The bottom 16 bits of the ID are not used and reserved for user specified cases.

static const char *LookUpOptionId(value_type hash)

Returns the string used to generate an option ID.

Note that this function can only return a result if the option ID was create prior to this call via GenerateId().

static inline FnOptionIdGeneratorHostHandle getHandle()
static const FnOptionIdGeneratorHostSuite_v1 *getSuite()
static void setSuite(const FnOptionIdGeneratorHostSuite_v1 *suite)
static FnPlugStatus setHost(FnPluginHost *host)