Overview, Timeline, and Hierarchy

Get an overview on animating in Modo, how the timeline works, and setting up your hierarchy.

Animate Layout and Viewports

Get an overview on the Animate Layout and learn about a number of viewports used to animate in Modo.

Creating Actors, Actions, & Poses

Learn about how to create Actors, Actions, and Poses.

Animation Layers

Learn about how to non-destructively add or change elements in your animation sequence using Animation Layers.

Using Channels

Learn about how to animate attributes of an item using Channels.

Using Modifier and Constraints

Learn about Constraint, Channel Modifiers and how to apply them.

Using Setup Tools

Learn about animation setup tools used to create animated scenes.

Applying Deformers

Learn how to use deformers to twist, bend, and distort your creations.

Creating a Full Body IK Setup

Learn about Inverse Kinematics and how to apply it.

Working with Weight Maps

Learn how to create and edit vertex Weight Maps for animation.

Working with Morph Containers

Learn about how to use Morph Containers to store morph information separate from a mesh.