Meet the Nuke Product Family

These pages introduce the different products and modes of Nuke and along with some Key Concepts you should know before using Nuke products.

Nuke Products

When you purchase Nuke, it contains all the Nuke products as different modes. For example, you can choose to run Nuke in NukeX mode, or Nuke Non-commercial mode.

All the Nuke products listed below can also be licensed as separate products, except for Nuke Assist, which is included with NukeX and Nuke Studio.

Mode Description

Nuke Studio

Includes the Timeline environment and Compositing environment, and has some additional Nuke Studio specific features, such as the ability to create a Nuke Comp, add soft effects to the timeline, and the annotations menu. Nuke Studio combines the tools and abilities of Nuke, NukeX, and Hiero.

For more information about Nuke Studio, see Nuke Studio Environments.


Multi-shot conform, timeline editorial, and review. Hiero is Nuke Studio without the Nuke and NukeX compositing capabilities. See Timeline Editing in Nuke Studio and Hiero for more details.

Hiero Player

Timeline editorial and review. Hiero Player employs the same timeline environment as Nuke Studio and Hiero, but has a few restrictions including no conform workflow or export capability.


Just like Nuke, a single shot compositor (what is referred to as the Compositing environment in Nuke Studio), with additional tools.

Nuke Studio and NukeX are fully compatible, with Nuke capable of viewing and rendering - but not editing - NukeX features.

See Advanced Compositing with NukeX and Nuke Studio for more information.


A single shot compositor (what is referred to as the Compositing environment in Nuke Studio), offering a Node Graph, Viewer, animation tools, and so on.

Nuke Assist

Provides basic tools including Bezier, Draw, Roto, and so on. The Nuke Assist mode is intended for use as a workstation for artists performing painting, rotoscoping, and tracking.

See About Nuke Assist for more information.

Nuke Non-commercial

This mode is intended for personal and educational use. It includes all the features of the commercial version of Nuke, offering you a chance to explore and learn the application fully while using it from the comfort of your own home.

See About Nuke Non-commercial for more information.