Managing Projects

Learn how to log in and out, load projects, manage and version sequences.

Editing in Flix 5

Learn how to manage storyboard panels, dialogues, markers and shots.

Editing in Third-Party Applications

Discover how to edit your panels and sequences in third-party applications.

Flix for Editorial

Learn how to publish your work to Editorial and once reviewed how to import it back to Flix 5.

Reviewing Panels

Draw notes straight onto a panel to indicate where to make corrections.

Exporting your Work

Flix 5 provides the option to export different types of contents.

Connecting to Flix Channels

Connect to channels to review changes that are being made on the fly by other artists.

Pitching Sequences

Pitch a sequence to others involved in your project.

Getting Help

Flix features several forms of help, in a variety of locations.


Have a look at Flix 5 tutorials to discover the interface, and the Photoshop and other third-party workflows.