Defining Monolithic Materials

Attribute Description
string material.<renderer><ShaderCategory>Shader This string has different names depending on the renderer and shader used, for example, prmanLightShader or arnoldSurfaceShader. The value specifies the name of the shader to use.
group material.<renderer><ShaderCategory>Params

This group has different names depending on the renderer and shader used, for example, prmanLightParams or arnoldSurfaceParams.

The group contains all the shader attributes used by a particular shader type for a specific renderer.

group material.ops See Deferred Material Ops.

Defining Network Materials


This section is under construction.

Attribute Description
string material.nodes.<node>.name  
string material.nodes.<node>.type  
string material.nodes.<node>.target  
string material.nodes.<node>.srcName  
any material.nodes.<node>.parameters.<param>  
string material.nodes.<node>.connections.<param>  
string material.terminals.<renderer><ShaderCategory>  
string material.terminals.<renderer><ShaderCategory>Port  
string material.interface.<param>.src  
string material.interface.<param>.hints  

Assigning Materials

To assign a material to a location, set a materialAssign attribute on the target location pointing to the scene graph location of the material.

Attribute Description
string materialAssign The scene graph location of the assigned material, for example /root/materials/material1.

Material Underlays

Attribute Description
string material.underlayAttrs

An attribute that, at material resolve time, is copied to the root level of the target location’s attributes, and merged underneath any existing attribute values at that location.

This allows, for example, custom “default” renderer object settings to be specified for locations, which can be overridden by any locally-set values.

group info.material.underlayAttrs This is primarily for debug purposes. After the implicit resolve these attributes are moved so that you can still see which material underlays have been processed, but are no longer at risk of being resolved again.

Viewer Shaders

Attribute Description
string material.viewerShaderSource Source of the Viewer shader.