Look Files (OpScript)

LookFile.GetLookFile(string filePath[, string passName])

Returns a LookFile object built loading the specified file path. If a passName is given, only the attribute for that pass will be loaded.

LookFile.GetPassNamesForLookFileAsset(string asset)

Returns a StringAttribute containing all the pass names stored in the given asset file.

LookFile.GetSafePath(string asset, boolean includeVersion)

Returns a location path built according the given asset Id. If includeVersion is true, the asset version will be resolved and appended to the resulting location path.

LookFile Objects

class LookFile.LookFile

Class representing a Look File. Note that this is not instantiable directly - instead use GetLookFile().

getAttrs(string locationName[, string rootId])

Returns an AttrMap containing the attributes stored at the given locationName for the given rootId.

getMaterial(string name[, boolean global])

Returns an attribute containing the material definition for the given material name. If the global parameter is set to false, only the location defined by the given name will be considered, otherwise the first matching upstream material attribute will be returned.


Returns an AttrMap containing all the materials stored in the LookFile.

getMaterialType(string materialName)

Returns the material type for the specified material name.

getPathsWithOverrides([string rootId])

Returns a StringAttribute containing the list of locations with overrides for the given rootId.


Returns a StringAttribute containing the list of root locations.

getRootIdType(string rootId)

Returns the type of the location specified by the given root Id.


Returns an AttrMap containing attribute overrides for the root locations stored in LookFile.

AttrMap Objects

class LookFile.AttrMap

Returns a StringAttribute containing the keys for the material elements stored in the AttrMap.

get(string key)

Returns an attribute containing the material definition for the given key.