Look Files (Python)

LookFile Reading

class FnGeolibServices.LookFile.AttrMap

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

LookFile AttrMap storage

get(key: str)PyFnAttribute.Attribute

Returns the value for the given key, or None if the key doesn’t exist in this AttrMap.


Returns a StringAttribute whose values at sample time 0.0 are all key names in this AttrMap.

class FnGeolibServices.LookFile.LookFile

Bases: pybind11_builtins.pybind11_object

LookFile reading

__init__(filePath: str, passName: str = '')None
getAttrs(locationName: str, rootId: str = '')PyFnGeolibServices.LookFile.AttrMap

Returns an AttrMap containing the scene graph attributes at the given locationName, optionally under the given rootId.

getMaterial(materialName: str, asGlobal: bool = True)PyFnAttribute.Attribute

Returns the named material as a GroupAttribute. If asGlobal is True, it will be returned as a global attribute.

getMaterialType(materialName: str)str

Returns the type of the named material.


Return all materials contained in this LookFile as an AttrMap.

static getPassNamesForLookFileAsset(asset: str)PyFnAttribute.StringAttribute

Returns a StringAttribute containing the pass names relevant to the named asset.

getPathsWithOverrides(rootId: str = '')PyFnAttribute.StringAttribute

Returns a StringAttribute containing all paths with overrides, optionally under the given rootId.


Returns all root ID names contained in this LookFile as a StringAttribute.

getRootIdType(rootId: str)str

Returns the type of the named rootId.


Returns all root overrides as an AttrMap.

static getSafePath(asset: str, includeVersion: bool = False)PyFnAttribute.StringAttribute

Returns the safe path of the named asset, optionally including its version number, as a StringAttribute.