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Managing Scripts

In this chapter, you learn about Nuke’s project files called scripts. The topics covered include setting up, saving, and loading scripts. You’ll also learn about managing your node tree in the Node Graph, using Precomp nodes, and working with file metadata.


Setting Up Your Script

Name, Timespan, and Frame Rate

Setting the Default Project Directory

Full-size Formats

Proxy Mode

Loading Image Sequences

Importing Image Sequences

Naming Conventions

Changing the Relation Between the Current Frame and the Frame Read In

Reformatting Image Sequences

Image Caching

The Cache Directory

Defining the Settings for Caching

Clearing the Disk Cache

Using the DiskCache Node

Caching Files Locally for Better Performance

Saving Scripts and Recovering Backups

Saving Scripts

Automatic Backup of Scripts

Recovering Backups

Closing Nuke Scripts

Loading Nuke Scripts

Defining Frame Ranges