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UV mapping is an essential part of precision texture mapping. It can also be useful for controlling the application of procedural texture and gradient layers, as well as Anisotropic shading. Many functions and tools of Modo generate automatic UV maps, but you may find you need to modify or replace those maps. The following topics describe working with vertex and UV maps in Modo, and give an overview of the UDIM workflow. Click any of the links below to navigate to that topic.


Vertex Mapping

Working with Vertex Maps

Create New Vertex Map

Set Vertex Map Name

Vertex Map Commands

Transfer Vertex Map

Smooth Vertex Map

Apply Morph

Morph Tool

Background to Morph

Vertex Map Math

Vertex Map Math Tool

Vertex Illumination Baking

Vertex Curvature Baking

Vertex Color Tool

Vertex Weight Tool

Edge Weight Tool

Set Vertex Normals

Transform Vertex Normals

Show Vertex Normals

Working with UV Maps

UV Mapping

Create UV Tool

View Projection

UV Peeler

UV Unwrap

Relax UV

Symmetrize UVs

Align UV


Fit UV

Select Border

Mirror UVs

Rotate UV

Merge UVs

Flip UV

Sew UVs

Move and Sew UVs

Orient Pieces

Pack UVs

Cut/Copy/Paste UVs

Delete UVs

Export UVs to EPS

Convert UVs to Mesh

UDIM Workflow

UDIM Indicator

Vertex Map Tools

Vertex Map Tools Reference

Vertex Map Paintbrush

Vertex Map Smooth