Source code for nukescripts.script

# Copyright (c) 2016 The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd.  All Rights Reserved.

import os.path

import nuke_internal as nuke
import nukescripts

import re
from PySide2 import QtWidgets, QtGui, QtCore

kCommandField = 'Command:'
last_cmd = ''

[docs]def script_command(default_cmd): global last_cmd p = nuke.Panel("Nuke") if (default_cmd != None and len(default_cmd) != 0): use_cmd = default_cmd else: use_cmd = last_cmd p.addScriptCommand(kCommandField, use_cmd) p.addButton("Cancel") p.addButton("OK") result = if result == 1: last_cmd = p.value(kCommandField) p.execute(kCommandField)
[docs]def findMaxVersionForFileName(filename): """Helper function for finding the max version of a paticular script in it's current directory. Note that a file in the current directory will count towards the current version set if the string before the v number for that file is the same as the string before the v numebr of the current version.""" # Get the maximum version number based in the current files on disk (basePath, fileNameCurrent) = os.path.split(filename) (prefixCurrent, vCurrent) = nukescripts.version_get(fileNameCurrent, "v") # Set maxV to the current version + 1 maxV = int(vCurrent) + 1 # Get the base name for the current file version. # i.e. the bit of the filename before the version number. baseNameRegex = "(.*)" + str(prefixCurrent) baseMatch = re.match(baseNameRegex, fileNameCurrent, re.IGNORECASE) if not baseMatch: return maxV baseNameCurrent = # Iterate the files in the current directory for fileName in os.listdir(basePath): # get the base name of each file. match = re.match(baseNameRegex, fileName, re.IGNORECASE) if not match: continue baseNameFile = # Check whether the base name is the same as the current file if baseNameFile == baseNameCurrent: # Compare the v number and update maxV if needed. (prefix, version) = nukescripts.version_get(fileName, "v") if int(version) > maxV: maxV = int(version) + 1 return maxV
[docs]class VersionHelper(object): """Helper class for storing the new version information""" """Intended to be created per rootname.""" def __init__(self, rootname): (prefix, v) = nukescripts.version_get(rootname, "v") self._rootname = rootname self._prefix = prefix self._currentV = int(v) self._maxV = findMaxVersionForFileName(rootname) def hasVersion(self): return self._currentV is not None def nextVersion(self): return self._currentV + 1 def maxVersion(self): return self._maxV def currentVersionString(self): return self._rootname def nextVersionString(self): return self.versionString(self.nextVersion()) def maxVersionString(self): return self.versionString(self.maxVersion()) def versionString(self, version): return nukescripts.version_set(self._rootname, self._prefix, self._currentV, version)
#End VersionHelper
[docs]class VersionConflictDialog(QtWidgets.QDialog): """Dialog which gives the user options for resolving version conflicts""" def __init__(self,versionHelper,parent=None): super(VersionConflictDialog, self).__init__(parent) self._newPath = None self._newVersion = None self._eButtonIds = { "overwrite": 0, "saveAsMax": 1, "saveAsVersion": 2, } self._versionHelper = versionHelper self.setWindowTitle("Version Conflict") self.setSizePolicy( QtWidgets.QSizePolicy.Expanding, QtWidgets.QSizePolicy.Fixed ) self.setMinimumWidth(450) layout = QtWidgets.QVBoxLayout() layout.setSpacing(0) filename = versionHelper.nextVersionString() text = QtWidgets.QLabel("Unable to save script. Version:\n%s\nalready exists. \n\nWould you like to:" % filename) layout.addWidget(text) self._buttonGroup = QtWidgets.QButtonGroup(self) overwriteButton = QtWidgets.QRadioButton("Overwrite existing version") self._buttonGroup.addButton(overwriteButton) self._buttonGroup.setId(overwriteButton, self._eButtonIds["overwrite"]) overwriteButton.setChecked(True) saveAsmaxVersionButton = QtWidgets.QRadioButton("Save as max version (%s)" % versionHelper._maxV) self._buttonGroup.addButton(saveAsmaxVersionButton) self._buttonGroup.setId(saveAsmaxVersionButton, self._eButtonIds["saveAsMax"]) saveAsVersionButton = QtWidgets.QRadioButton("Save as version: ") self._buttonGroup.addButton(saveAsVersionButton) self._buttonGroup.setId(saveAsVersionButton, self._eButtonIds["saveAsVersion"]) self._saveAsVersionSpin = QtWidgets.QSpinBox() self._saveAsVersionSpin.setValue(versionHelper._maxV) self._saveAsVersionSpin.setButtonSymbols(QtWidgets.QAbstractSpinBox.NoButtons) self._saveAsVersionSpin.setFixedWidth(30) self._saveAsVersionSpin.setContentsMargins(0,0,0,0) # Negative versions are not allowed, so set min valid version to 1 versionValidator = QtGui.QIntValidator() versionValidator.setBottom(1) self._saveAsVersionSpin.lineEdit().setValidator(versionValidator) saveAsVerionLayout = QtWidgets.QHBoxLayout() saveAsVerionLayout.setSpacing(0) saveAsVerionLayout.setContentsMargins(0,0,0,0) saveAsVerionLayout.setAlignment(QtCore.Qt.AlignLeft) saveAsVerionLayout.addWidget(saveAsVersionButton) saveAsVerionLayout.addWidget(self._saveAsVersionSpin) layout.addWidget(overwriteButton) layout.addWidget(saveAsmaxVersionButton) layout.addLayout(saveAsVerionLayout) # Standard buttons for Add/Cancel buttonbox = QtWidgets.QDialogButtonBox(QtWidgets.QDialogButtonBox.Ok | QtWidgets.QDialogButtonBox.Cancel) buttonbox.accepted.connect(self.accept) buttonbox.rejected.connect(self.reject) layout.addWidget(buttonbox) self.setLayout(layout) def showDialog(self): result = self.exec_() if result: buttonId = self._buttonGroup.checkedId() if(buttonId < 0 ): return None #Get the correct path for that button ID if buttonId is self._eButtonIds["overwrite"]: self._newPath = self._versionHelper.nextVersionString() self._newVersion = self._versionHelper.nextVersion() elif buttonId is self._eButtonIds["saveAsMax"]: self._newPath = self._versionHelper.maxVersionString() self._newVersion = self._versionHelper.maxVersion() elif buttonId is self._eButtonIds["saveAsVersion"]: self._newVersion = self._saveAsVersionSpin.value() self._newPath = self._versionHelper.versionString(self._newVersion ) return result def getNewFilePath(self): # Get the checked button id from the button group return self._newPath def getNewVersionNumber(self): return self._newVersion
#End VersionDialog
[docs]def set_fileknob_version(knob, version): """Sets version of the filename knob to the passed in version. Throws with ValueError if fileKnob has no version.""" currentPath = knob.value() if currentPath: (prefix, v) = nukescripts.version_get(currentPath, "v") newPath = nukescripts.version_set(currentPath, prefix, int(v), version) knob.setValue(newPath)
[docs]def timeline_write_version_set(version): """Sets the version number in the file path of the 'timeline' write node""" kTimelineWriteNodeKnobName = "timeline_write_node" timelineWriteNodeKnob = nuke.root().knob(kTimelineWriteNodeKnobName) if timelineWriteNodeKnob is not None: timelineWriteNodeName = timelineWriteNodeKnob.getText() writeNode = nuke.toNode(timelineWriteNodeName) if writeNode is not None: # Set file knob fileKnob = writeNode['file'] set_fileknob_version(fileKnob, version) # Set proxy knob proxyKnob = writeNode['proxy'] set_fileknob_version(proxyKnob, version)
[docs]def script_version_up(): """ Increments the versioning in the script name and the path of the timeline write nodes, then saves the new version. """ # Set up the version helper root_name = nuke.toNode("root").name() try: versionHelper = VersionHelper(root_name) except ValueError as e: nuke.message("Unable to save new comp version:\n%s" % str(e)) return newFileName = versionHelper.nextVersionString() newVersion = versionHelper.nextVersion() # If the next version number already exists we need to ask the user how to proceed newVersionExists = os.path.exists( newFileName ) if newVersionExists: versionDialog = VersionConflictDialog(versionHelper) cancelVersionUp = not versionDialog.showDialog() if cancelVersionUp: return else: newFileName = versionDialog.getNewFilePath() newVersion = versionDialog.getNewVersionNumber() # Get the Studio write Node and version up before saving the script try: timeline_write_version_set(newVersion) except Exception as e: shouldContinue = nuke.ask("Unable to set Write node version:\n%s\nDo you want to continue saving new comp version?" % str(e)) if not shouldContinue: return #Make the new directory if needed dirName = os.path.dirname( newFileName ) if not os.path.exists( dirName ): os.makedirs( dirName ) #Save the script and add to the bin nuke.scriptSaveAs(newFileName) if nuke.env['studio']: from hiero.ui.nuke_bridge.nukestudio import addNewScriptVersionToBin addNewScriptVersionToBin(root_name, newFileName)
[docs]def script_and_write_nodes_version_up(): # Just calls script_version_up script_version_up()
[docs]def get_script_data(): activechans = nuke.Root.channels() totchan = len(activechans) root = nuke.toNode("root") rez = root.knob("proxy").value() numnodes = len(nuke.allNodes(recurseGroups=True)) chaninuse = totchan chanleft = 1023-totchan memusage = nuke.cacheUsage()/1024/1024 output = "Script : ""\n" output = output+"Total nodes: "+str(numnodes)+"\n" if rez: output = output+"\nResolution : --PROXY--\n" else: output = output+"\nResolution : **FULL RES**\n" output += "\nElements:\n"+nukescripts.get_reads("long") output += "\nChannels in use: "+str(totchan)+"\n" output += "Channels left: "+str(chanleft)+"\n" output += "\nCache Usage: "+str(memusage)+" mb\n" output += "\nChannel Data :\n" layers = nuke.Root.layers() for i in layers: output += "\n""\n" channels = i.channels() for j in channels: if j in activechans: output += "\t"+j+"\n" return output
[docs]def script_data(): nuke.display("nukescripts.get_script_data()", nuke.root())
[docs]def script_directory(): return nuke.script_directory()