Flix Documentation


Edit Workspace Introduction

Flix is a browser-based application that has three workspaces: Edit, Dialogue, and Pitch. By default, Flix opens in the Edit workspace.

Third-Party Applications

Any extensive image manipulation is done through Photoshop, among other third-party applications. Flix includes Photoshop actions that are a quick way for you to create and edit panels.

Versioning Your Work

Flix is collaborative, so multiple artists can work on the same data set. Discover how versioning works.

Reviewing Your Work

Comment on some panels by drawing notes and highlighting panels for further edits. You can also add notes to panels in Photoshop.

Exporting Your Work

Flix manages sets of .jpeg files on disk but you can also export your sequence, individual panels, audio, dialogue, and so on to different formats.

Publishing to Editorial

After you're done with your work, you can publish to Premiere, Avid, Storyboard Pro, and so on for Editorial to review it.

Flix Tutorials


Navigating in Flix

Your shows or episodic shows contain sequences, which contain versions. You can also create sequence branches. Get started by learning how to create and access your sequences through the Project Browser.

Creating and Editing Panels Using Photoshop

You can create panels and make a few edits in Flix. Then draw on these panels using third-party applications. Learn about the Photoshop actions to create and edit panels.

Third-Party Applications

Learn how to use Flix collaboratively with Premiere, Avid, Storyboard Pro, and Maya.