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The Modo Interface

To get the most out of Modo, it is helpful to first understand its unique interface designed for maximum flexibility and fluid navigation. Modo provides you with the most powerful tools, and this is exemplified by every viewport, panel, and menu. The User Interface Conventions and Standard Tool Controls sections provide an overview of interacting with Modo's interface using the mouse, and subsequent sections cover the various windows within the application.


User Interface Conventions

Exploring the Layout

Customizing your Layout

Layout Controls

Standard Tool Controls

What is a Viewport

3D (OpenGL) Viewport

UV Viewport

List & Info Viewports

Item List

Shader Tree

Vertex Map List


Clips List

Clip Browser

Properties Viewport

Info and Statistics

Command History

Utility Viewports

Assembly Viewport

Color Picker

Display Viewport

Gradient Editor

Graph Editor

Groups Viewport

Preset Browser

Preview Viewport

Render Display

Tool Pipe

Color Theme Editor