typedef unsigned int LXtIP4

IPv4 addresses are defined as 32 bit unsigned integers, with each byte representing a component of the address.


class ILxNetworkService

Network service provides access to the networking features of nexus. Currently on very limited functionality is exposed, but more may be added in the future.

Public Functions

LxResult ScriptQuery(LXtObjectID self, void **ppvObj)

As with all globals, the first method gets the ILxScriptQueryID interface for the system. However, it is not implemented for ILxNetworkService.

LxResult OneOffHostListAdd(LXtObjectID self, const char *hostname, LXtIP4 ip, int port)
LxResult OneOffHostListRemove(LXtObjectID self, const char *hostname, LXtIP4 ip, int port)

It is also possible to remove a one-off connection. This is really just a clean-up phase; it doesn’t disconnect from the host. It’s usually useful to remove it when you want to try to reconnect to it as calling OneOffHostListAdd() on an already connected host will have no effet.