class ILxProjDirOverride

The project directory is normally found by walking up the directory hierarchy containing the scene file itself to look for a .luxproject file. This can be overridden to look in an arbitrary path by implmenting an ILxProjDirOverride server.

Public Functions

LxResult OverrideWith(LXtObjectID self, const char *originalPath, char *buf, unsigned len)

The interface has a single method. Returning a failure code will cause the search to walk up the hierarchy of the scene as normal. A success code will cause the search to start from the path provided by the method. If that path is empty or doesn’t exist, we will not try to find a project directory. We only really expect one server to exist at a time, since this interface is intended for special cases only. If multiple servers are found, the order is undefined and the first one that returns a success code is the path that is tested.