class ILxUndo

Public Functions

void Forward(LXtObjectID self)

Plug-ins can participate in the undo stack by creating objects with an ILxUndo interface. These objects are stored in the undo stack and their Forward() method is called to apply them or redo them, and their Reverse() method is called to undo them. These undo objects should perform changes to the internal plug-in state only, not the application system state. Application state changes are made with commands which undo themselves. Also note that the state change methods have no error return codes and cannot fail. Any chance of failure must have been dealt with before they were added to the undo stack.

void Reverse(LXtObjectID self)


class ILxUndoService

Public Functions

LxResult ScriptQuery(LXtObjectID self, void **ppvObj)

The global undo service provides the ScriptQuery() method as required from all globals.

unsigned int State(LXtObjectID self)

The global undo service allows clients to add their actions to the undo state. The state can be queried at any time and may have one of three values.

  • INVALID the undo system is not accepting undo objects, and any system state changes at this point are not generally valid.

  • ACTIVE new undo objects can be added and will become part of the undo state.

  • SUSPEND state changes can be done, but they will not be directly undoable.

LxResult Apply(LXtObjectID self, LXtObjectID undo)

Undo objects are added to the system using these next two methods. The undo object passed in will be queried for it’s ILxUndo interface and that will be held by the undo system.

  • Apply() this takes the undo object and fires its Forward() method to apply it to the current system state. If the undo state is ACTIVE the change will be added to the undo stack, and if it’s SUSPEND the undo action will be released.

  • Record() this takes an undo object and adds it to the undo stack. This is used for changes which have already happened, so the Reverse() method will be fired only if there is an undo.

LxResult Record(LXtObjectID self, LXtObjectID undo)
unsigned int State()

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