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UV Mapping

UV mapping is an essential part of precision texture mapping. Also, it can be useful when applying procedural texture and gradient layers as well as anisotropic shading. Modo automatically generates UV maps for many functions and tools, but you may want to modify or replace those maps. The UV mapping tools are useful to create initial maps, but UV map operators modify existing maps. For information about using UV maps in Modo see the Working with UV Maps topic. For information about a specific function, click a link below to see the details about that function.

UV Map Tools

tool icon Create UV Tool

tool icon View Projection

tool icon UV Peeler

tool icon UV Unwrap

tool icon UV Relax

tool icon Symmetrize UVs

UV Map Operators

tool icon Align UV

tool icon Merge UVs

tool icon Pack UVs

tool icon Fit UV

tool icon Flip UV

tool icon UV Editing

tool icon Select Border

tool icon Sew UVs

tool icon Delete UVs

tool icon Mirror UVs

tool icon Move and Sew UVs

tool icon Export UVs to EPS

tool icon Rotate UV

tool icon Orient Pieces


Create UV Tool

View Projection

UV Peeler

UV Unwrap

Relax UV

Symmetrize UVs

Align UV


Fit UV

Select Border

Mirror UVs

Rotate UV

Merge UVs

Flip UV

Sew UVs

Move and Sew UVs

Orient Pieces

Pack UVs

Cut/Copy/Paste UVs

Delete UVs

Export UVs to EPS

Convert UVs to Mesh