The Colorway UI

UI Introduction

An overview of the main components of the interface.

User Preferences

An overview of the settings available in Preferences.


An overview of the colorspace settings available in Colorway.

Template Creation

Creating a Project

Learn the basics of working with projects in Colorway.

Inserting Items

This tutorial shows you how to add various item types to your sheet.

Linking Items

A walk-through of linking items to apply changes to them simultaneously.

Text in Colorway

Learn how to add and customize text.

Dynamic Tables

A short course on how to use dynamic tables.

Dynamic Contact Sheets

Learn how to create dynamic contact sheets.

Dynamic Callouts

A walk-through of creating and using dynamic callouts.


The Color Picker

A short tutorial on using Colorway's Color Picker.

Importing and Exporting Palettes

Learn how to import and export ASE palettes.

Copying and Pasting Colors and Textures

Learn how to copy and paste colors and textures to items.


Adding Textures to Parts

Learn how to apply textures to parts.

Material Libraries

A short course on how to create and use material libraries.

General Use

Variation Stack

Learn how Colorway's Variation Stack works.

Selecting a Variant per Variation

Learn how to update variants within your variations.

Replacing Variants

Learn how to replace your variants in Colorway without losing color and material information.

Highlighter Tool

A short tutorial on using the Highlighter tool.


Learn how to export to .pdf and .png.


Blending Items

Learn how to blend multiple items.

Dynamic Color Palettes

A walk-through of creating dynamic color palettes.

Using SVGs

A short tutorial on using SVGs imported from Adobe Illustrator in Colorway.

Flattening a 3D Item

Learn how to flatten a 3D item.

Presentation Mode

Learn how to preview sheets in Colorway.

Variant Selector

A short tutorial on using the Variant Selector.

Transparent Objects

Learn how to set up a transparent object in Modo and import it to Colorway.

Colorway and Modo

Tagging Lights

Learn how to export lights from Modo, using the Colorway Kit.

Selecting UV Maps

Use the Colorway for Modo Kit to select UV maps to apply to parts in Colorway.

Shadow Catchers

Learn how to create a shadow catcher in Modo and import it into Colorway.

Using the Colorway Kit for Modo

Setting up a layout in Modo for working with the Colorway Kit.

Rendering to a Colorway Template

Learn how to render from Modo to a template.

Optimizing Colorway Render Times

Learn how to optimize your project to decrease render times.