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Using RotoPaint

Nuke features a vector-based RotoPaint node for help with tasks like rotoscoping, rig removal, garbage matting, and dustbusting. You can draw Bezier and B-Spline shapes with individual and layer group attributes, including per-point and global feather, motion blur, blending modes and individual or hierarchical 2D transformations. This chapter gives full instructions on its usage.


Roto or RotoPaint?

RotoPaint Quick Start

Connecting the RotoPaint Node

Working with the Toolbars

Working with the Stroke/Shape List

Drawing Paint Strokes

Using the Brush tool

Using the Eraser Tool

Using the Clone Tool

Using the Reveal Tool

Using the Blur Tool

Using the Sharpen Tool

Using the Smear Tool

Using the Dodge Tool

Using the Burn Tool

Drawing Shapes

Using the Bezier and Cusped Bezier Tools

Using the B-Spline tool

Using the Ellipse, Rectangle, and Cusped Rectangle Tools

Using the Open Spline Tool

Setting Default RotoPaint Tools and Settings

Selecting the Output Format and Channels

Selecting Existing Strokes/Shapes for Editing

Editing Existing Stroke/Shape Attributes

Editing Attributes Common to Strokes and Shapes

Transforming Strokes/Shapes/Groups

Adjusting Mask Controls

Editing Shape-Specific Attributes

Editing Stroke-Specific Attributes

Editing Clone or Reveal Attributes

Editing Existing Stroke/Shape Timing

Editing Existing Stroke/Shape Stack Order

Editing Existing Stroke/Shape Splines

Copying, Cutting, and Pasting Stroke Attributes

Point Cusping, Smoothing, Expressions, and Links

Animating Strokes/Shapes

Viewing Spline Keyframes

Deleting or Rippling Keyframes

Copying, Cutting, and Pasting Animations

Adding Motion Blur

Viewing Points in the Curve Editor and the Dope Sheet

Copying, Pasting, and Cutting Stroke Positions

Copying, Pasting, and Cutting Point Positions

Pasting Point Positions

Cutting Point Positions

RotoPaint and Stereoscopic Projects

Selecting the View to Draw on

Selecting the View to Clone from

Reproducing Strokes/Shapes in Other Views

Editing Strokes/Shapes in One View Only

Applying a Stereo Offset

Where Are the Bezier and Paint Nodes?