nuke.getFilename(message, pattern=None, default=None, favorites=None, type=None, multiple=False) list of strings or single string

Pops up a file chooser dialog box. You can use the pattern to restrict the displayed choices to matching filenames, normal Unix glob rules are used here.

  • message – Present the user with this message.

  • pattern – Optional file selection pattern.

  • default – Optional default filename and path.

  • favorites – Optional. Restrict favorites to this set. Must be one of ‘image’, ‘script’, or ‘font’.

  • type – Optional the type of browser, to define task-specific behaviors; currently only ‘save’ is recognised.

  • multiple – Optional boolean convertible object to allow for multiple selection. If this is True, the return value will be a list of strings; if not, it will be a single string. The default is


If multiple is True, the user input is returned as a list of strings, otherwise as a single string. If the dialog was cancelled, the return value will be None.