nuke.zoom(scale, center, group) float

Change the zoom and pan of a group’s display. The scale argument is the new zoom factor. //If the group name is omitted then the current group is used. (Not yet implemented.) If the scale is given, but not the center, the zoom is set to that factor and the view is positioned so the cursor is pointing at the same place it was before zooming. A zero or negative scale value will cause a zoom-to-fit.

If both scale and center arguments are given, the view is zoomed and then centered on the specified point.

The new scale factor will be returned, or None if the function is run in a non-GUI context.

  • scale – New zoom factor.

  • center – Optional 2-item tuple specifying the center coordinates.

  • group – Optional Group. This is ignored at present.


Current zoom factor or None if not in a GUI context.